Baitul Huda Sunday School


Congratulations on checking our Baitul Huda Sunday School Program!

Our goal at Baitul Huda is to create love for our Deen and the Masjid in the tender hearts of the students, who we like to call our children. We want to foster a lifetime of friendship among the children attending the school. This is especially important given the environment and where they may lack interaction with fellow Muslim students who are at their age. We believe that this friendship will guide them in their later lives when they help each other to “Hold on to the rope of the Deen”. Off course learning of our Deen is part of that program. We cover a variety of subjects and disciplines depending on their level, from memorizing Suras with proper pronunciation and recitation, and pray Salah independently. We teach what it means to be a Muslim, Muslim Identity, Akhlak (character), Islamic history, Muslim’s Contribution to humanity, Sirah of Prophets, Stories of the Sahabas, etc. We go in depth with older students.

We follow Cobb County School District calendar including holidays. Our classes start in Fall with Fall semester and finishes with Spring semester before summer.

Almost all our teachers are volunteers, who are our community members and have many years of teaching experience. We encourage our parents to actively volunteer with the program and to know each other.

We look forward to serving you and the children inShaAllah!

Was Salaams,

Asif Edrish

Sunday School Administrator